About Televista TV

TelevistaTV is the home of telenovela – 24 hours of passion, action, suspense and drama on DsTV Channel 194 and GoTV Channel 15.:

TelevistaTV, another channel from Consolidated Media Associates launched on Channel 194 at 12 noon on the 17th of November is for the TV drama/series viewers who love to binge on their favourite telenovelas and local TV drama series. The place for back to back Tv series from ‘Lekki Wives’, ‘168’ to ‘La Loba’, ‘Jodha Akbar’, ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ and more.

…or More:

Televista is accessible on all DStv and GOtv packages, offering Telenovelas from across the globe and African TV series. Viewers are served with traditional romance, drama, stories, action, mystery and adventure with high quality values and content from the Telenovela industry (from Portugal, Spain and India) and African TV drama/series circuit..